1. What is KidDesktop?
    KidDesktop is a kid-friendly Windows desktop alternative providing children, ages 3-7, a safe PC learning experience without access to a parent’s files and programs or harmful Internet content. KidDesktop enables parents to select specific Web sites their young children can independently access while preventing them from leaving approved sites for unapproved sites. KidDesktop also blocks unauthorized pop up windows and downloads.
  2. What are the main kid features of KidDesktop?
    KidDesktop features include a customized start screen and activity bar with a child’s own personalized activities, games, Web sites, and YouTube playlist; the option to download and view his or her own pictures; and the capability to navigate the Internet in a safe working environment.
  3. How do I get started?
    To install KidDesktop:
    1. Download the installation program from here
    2. Run the KidDesktopSetup.exe installation program
    3. Follow the steps in the Setup Wizard
    4. Use the KD Builder icon on your desktop to set up KidDesktop for your kids
  4. Do I still need anti-virus and firewall protection after installing KidDesktop?
    Yes! KidDesktop is NOT a replacement for standard anti-virus and firewall protections. KidDesktop provides additional security in five ways:
    • You choose each site a child can visit
    • You decide if your child can click on a link and leave the site
    • You decide if your child can print from the site
    • You decide if your child can see pop-ups from the site
    • You decide if your child can download from the site
    But KidDesktop is not designed to protect your computer as anti-virus programs do.
  5. Why do I need to run KD Builder from an Administrator's account?
    Windows' built in security prevents some functions of KD Builder (such as setting up a child's account and configuring the Security Options) from working unless run from an Administrator's account.
  6. What can my child access on the family computer when using KidDesktop?
    When your child is using KidDesktop, they will only see and be able to use the customized activity bar that you have setup for them. They will not be able to open, change or delete any other programs or files on your computer.
  7. What can my child access while they are on the Internet?
    Kids will only have access to sites that you allow them to visit. Based on the initial set-up, these icons will be available on their start window. With each site, you can decide if you want to allow them to click on a link and leave the approved site and visit another site. Additionally, you can decide whether to allow them to print, see pop-up windows and download from each approved site. Your child cannot, however, visit unapproved web sites or freely explore the web. Use KD Builder to add, remove, or change web site options at any time.
  8. When my child runs a website for the first time, why does nothing happen (except the hourglass shows)? How do I fix this problem?
    Some firewall programs prevent new applications from accessing the Internet until a user allows this access. Because KidDesktop blocks the Windows' screen, it is possible you can't see your firewall program's query. Try hitting Alt-Tab (both buttons simultaneously) to see your firewall program's query. If this does not work, go to an Administrator's account and create a rule in your firewall program allowing KidDesktop to access the Internet.
  9. I am afraid my child will spend too much time on the computer. Is there a way to limit computer time?
    Yes, KidDesktop has a special clock/timer function. Using the KidDesktop Builder, parents can establish a pre-determined time for computer usage. The timer box on the start window will count down minute by minute. When 5 minutes remain the box will turn red, alerting the child their time is almost up. This feature enables parents and children to avoid arguing over how much time is appropriate on the computer.
  10. How is my child protected from all the content on YouTube if I put YouTube on KidDesktop?
    KidDesktop’s YouTube function is different than adding a website. You get to choose each and every video your child can see. You can select from videos already in use by other parents in the KidDesktop community or search for your child’s favorites. Your child will ONLY see the videos YOU choose. They will not see any videos in the “More From,” “Related Videos,” or “Promoted Videos” sections, which appear when a user goes straight to YouTube. As an added safety feature, you can choose an appropriate name for each YouTube video, instead of using the names provided on YouTube.
  11. What operating system do I need to use KidDesktop?
    Minimum system requirements for KidDesktop are Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista, 400 MHZ Processor and 256MB of RAM.
  12. Who do I contact if I need technical support?
    KidDesktop has online support to answer all of your technical questions. Please go to http://www.kiddesktop.com/contact/ to fill out an online request.
  13. Should I set up my child’s own Windows account?
    KidDesktop best protects your computer when each child has his or her own Windows account, because the child will never see the Windows desktop, Start Menu, or Taskbar. The child will ONLY see the KidDesktop start screen and his or her own customized Activity Bar. If you choose not to have separate Windows accounts on your computer, your child will see the Windows desktop, and he or she will click on the KidDesktop icon to start the program.
  14. How do you switch between your computer’s Windows start screen and KidDesktop’s?
    KidDesktop automatically starts when your child chooses their name and/or icon from the Windows log-in screen. If you have not set up a separate account for your child, KidDesktop will start when you or your child clicks on the KidDesktop logo on your desktop.
  15. How much does KidDesktop cost?
    KidDesktop costs $19.95, with no additional annual fee. A 10-day full-featured trial version of KidDesktop is available at no cost.
  16. If I have more than one computer do I need to buy KidDesktop for each computer?
    Yes. KidDesktop is configured for one software download per computer.
  17. If I have more than one child can I customize different start screens for each child?
    Yes. Children of different ages can each have their own KidDesktop account, with their own age-appropriate activities.
  18. My child does not yet read, can they use KidDesktop?
    Yes, the start window and activity bar are completely icon-driven and use rollover voice cues to make it easy for non-reading preschoolers.
  19. Once my child can read proficiently, can I disable spoken help cues?
    Yes, the easily configurable platform enables parent to customize features and functionality.
  20. I set up a directory of pictures for my child, but the icon did not show up on the Activity Bar in KidDesktop.
    Make sure your child's account has access to the directory. An easy way to fix this, is to move the directory to the Public or Shared Pictures folder on your computer.
  21. How does my child download their pictures onto the computer?
    The camera icon will appear on their activity bar when you connect your child’s digital camera to your computer. With a click, your child can download his or her pictures right on the computer screen. He or she can view and even rotate the pictures, but he or she cannot permanently change, delete, or print pictures.