StudentDesktop is a version of KidDesktop created specifically for schools and virtual classrooms. StudentDesktop enables teachers to create a distraction-free environment in which students have access to all the tools they need for learning, including:
  • Educational Websites
  • Productivity Applications such as Microsoft Office
  • Multimedia assets including educational videos

StudentDesktop is appropriate for schools with hundreds or thousands of students, as well as in a home-schooling or small-classroom environment.

StudentDesktop provides all the features of KidDesktop, including abstraction of the standard Microsoft Windows desktop, to prevent kids from installing unwanted software or changing computer settings. The white-list web browsing and YouTube video features let teachers define the online resources appropriate for the lesson without opening the entire Internet to browsing.

In addition to the standard KidDesktop features, the StudentDesktop version contains:

  • Centralized administration Profiles can be created from an administrator computer and stored centrally on a LAN drive.
  • Password protection for profiles Profiles can be password-protected to prevent unauthorized or accidental changes to the profiles.
  • Ability for administrators to exit back to the Windows shell The StudentDesktop version also provides an option to create a password-protected exit to the windows shell. This option is important for cases where the student computer is configured to automatically start into StudentDesktop. The exit-back feature gives administrators access to the windows shell for when they need to make changes to the base Windows configuration.
  • Secure File Browsing - StudentDesktop provides a secure file browser which only shows files that open with programs that students are allowed to use. For example, unless Microsoft Word is configured as an allowed program, the file browser will hide all Word documents.
  • Age Appropriate Interfaces - StudentDesktop also includes a second user interface, which is more appropriate for older students. This second interface is a more flexible, multi-windowed interface which will allow students to multi-task by having multiple Windows and activities running simultaneously within StudentDesktop.

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