KidDesktop Launches Kid-Friendly Desktop Alternative for Safe Family Computing

Secure Computer and Internet Learning Experience with Customizable Activity Bar,
Timed Computer Sessions, Camera and Photo File Functions for Young Children

Falls Church, Va. (Aug. 4, 2008) - Providing parents a new, innovative and safe computer learning experience for their children, KidDesktop™, a simple, customizable and kid-friendly Windows™ desktop alternative, today announced its official launch. Targeted to children ages 3-7, KidDesktop features a customized start screen and personalized activity bar with games and Web sites; the option to download and view pictures; and the ability to navigate the Internet in a safe working environment.

“KidDesktop is a fun and interactive solution for children that teaches the ins and outs of working on the computer safely and exploring the Web without the worry of harmful content,” said Dan Werbel, co-founder of KidDesktop. “The many unique and easy to use features of KidDesktop allow children to have a quality experience each time they turn on the family computer, and parents know that their files are safe from curious little hands.”

Engaging, Safe and Parental Control
KidDesktop allows children to browse the Internet in a safe, educational environment that is parent controlled. Using KD Builder, an easily configurable platform, parents can set up any Web site, program or picture directory for their child to access through a customizable activity bar. With each Web site added to KidDesktop, parents can manage a variety of navigation and accessibility features including restricting the child’s ability to move from an approved Web site to a non-approved Web site, view pop-up ads, print and/or download. Parents also have the ability to put a time limit on how long their child spends on the computer, which is displayed on each customized activity bar.

Camera and Photo File Features
KidDesktop provides a unique feature that allows kids to connect their own personal digital camera to the computer and download pictures themselves. Kids can scroll through pictures without the worry of deleting or permanently changing the picture. Unlike the complicated downloadable software that comes with most children’s digital cameras, KidDesktop is unique in that its software is created to be easy to use for kids. Parents can also set up a file of photos they have taken which children can view, but not change or delete.

Simple Design and Easy to Use
KidDesktop was created to make it simple and easy for children to navigate and explore the Web, without the worry of accessing important documents and programs or inappropriate Internet content. When a child logs onto the computer he or she is automatically directed to a customized start screen and an activity bar with his or her favorite activities - games, Web sites, etc. KidDesktop is completely icon-driven and uses roll-over voice cues for non-reading preschoolers, so kids can easily navigate the program.

“I feel safer when my kids use KidDesktop and it allows them to be more successful on the computer. I don’t have to worry about them hitting the wrong buttons or breaking the machine,” said Karen Hemmerdinger, a parent of three. “The timer feature is fantastic, as it allows equal time for my kids to be on the computer.”

KidDesktop is a downloadable online solution for PCs and is available for $19.95, with no annual fee. A 10-day full-featured trial version of KidDesktop is available at no cost.

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About KidDesktop
KidDesktop, a business initiative of Purple Apples, LLC, is a kid-friendly Windows desktop alternative providing children, ages 3-7, a safe PC learning experience without access to a parent’s files and programs or harmful Internet content. KidDesktop features include a customized start screen and activity bar with a child’s own personalized activities, games and Web sites; the option to download and view his or her own pictures; and the capability to navigate the Internet in a safe working environment. Founded in January 2007, KidDesktop is located in Falls Church, Va., and is a privately-held company. For more information, visit