KidDesktop Press Coverage

Tara's View of the World, 5/16/09
"I am absolutely in love with KidDesktop and definitely recommend it!"
The Opinionated Parent, 12/8/08
"Even my 2.5 year old can safely use the computer now that we have installed his KidDesktop."
The Dirty Shirt, 11/23/08
"With its simple layout and kid friendly website icons this program will set parents mind at ease."
Lisa Reviews, 11/15/08
"If you have kids in your house between the ages of 3 and 7 and let them on the computer, you definitely need to get a copy of this in your house!"
Consumers Digest, November/December 2008
"Designed with small children's safety in mind"
Tutus & Turtles, 10/15/08
"The world of computers has just gotten a little cooler, at least for parents and kids."
GoodyBlog (powered by Parents Magazine), 09/15/08
"KidDesktop has come up with a delightfully simple computer program for little kids...[Kids] won't be able to access (or delete) any important documents or inappropriate websites, even by accident."
Chip Chicklets, 09/04/08
"The design of KidDesktop is fun and icon based so it that it's very kid-friendly...The software lets parents configure and control time limits for how long their kids spend on the computer, as well as the ability to control approved and non approved web sites and what they can or can't print and / or download."
Giggles on the Go, September 2008
"[We] can juggle work, laundry, dinner, etc., secure in the knowledge that our children are accessing kid-friendly Web sites and at the same time learning the ins and outs of the computer safely."