Your child will see a screen and customized Activity Bar similar to this one when KidDesktop starts. Rollover the icons in the Activity Bar for more information. You will customize your child's Activity Bar using KD Builder.

0. Videos
Kids click here to see the customized YouTube playlist you set up for them using KDBuilder. Kids see ONLY the videos you set up for them, and they DO NOT have unlimited access to YouTube.
1. Pictures
Kids click here to see their own picture-viewer, just like Mom and Dad have! Your child can scroll through and even rotate the pictures, but cannot permanently change or delete the images.
2. Web
Using buttons like these samples, kids can visit any website their parents set up for them. Kids love having all their activities in one place, and parents can decide on a site-by-site basis if their child can see pop-ups, print, get downloads, and/or leave the site.
4. Timer
Parents can limit kids' computer time with this special clock function! Using KD Builder, parents set how many minutes kids can play, and the timer counts down. This box turns red at 5 minutes, and KidDesktop shuts off when the time runs out.
5. Background
Kids can change their screen color by clicking on the KidDesktop paint palette.
6. Volume
Just as parents can set the computer's volume, kids can do the same through KidDesktop! By clicking here kids can make a particular activity louder, softer, or even mute it.
7. Exit
Kids easily recognize this red X, which they click to exit KidDesktop. When your child clicks this button, they also exit Windows without seeing any other programs, files, or icons. It's even in the upper-right corner, just like when Mom or Dad exit a program.
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