You will use KD Builder to customize your child's Activity Bar. Whenever your child’s tastes, interests, or abilities change, return to KD Builder to remove or add activities. Rollover the icons on the KD Builder Activity Setup Screen below for more information.

1. Activities
The screen shown here enables parents to set up activities for their child’s Activity Bar.
2. Options
The Options screen lets parents configure how KidDesktop runs. Parents choose the name by which the computer will address their child and whether or not to enable “spoken help.” Parents can also decide which of KidDesktop’s security features they want to utilize, such as:
  • Hiding the Windows Desktop when KidDesktop is running
  • Starting KidDesktop when the child logs onto the computer
  • Logging off the computer when the child ends KidDesktop
3. Web
Set up your child’s favorite website(s). You control which sites they can visit. For each site, you can use the KD Builder Icon Search to find an icon your child will recognize and use to browse that site.

For each site you set up, you can increase the safety of your child's web browsing by preventing him / her from:

  • Clicking on a link and leaving the site
  • Seeing pop-up Windows
  • Downloading files
  • Printing
4. Games
You can easily set up your child’s favorite computer games and programs for use in KidDesktop. Using an easily-identified icon button, your child can independently start his / her favorite computer games or programs without having access to other files and programs on the computer.
5. Pictures
A great way to let your child revisit a special birthday party, vacation, holiday or other memorable occasion! Your child can view all the images from any picture directory you select, but he or she can not change or delete any pictures.
6. Camera
Follow KidDesktop’s Camera Wizard to set up your child’s camera. After the camera is set up, your child can connect it to the computer and click the camera icon to download his / her pictures. Your child can view the pictures he / she took, right on the computer screen!
7. Video
Create a customized YouTube playlist for your child. You choose the videos that appear in the playlist, each video’s title, and the order in which videos appear. Add 1 or 100 videos; browse videos selected by other KidDesktop users or choose your own.
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